the art of thai cooking

About This Class

Get expert tuition from Chef Chaloem as he shares with you his personal recipes and knowledge of ingredients, and demonstrates the methods and techniques necessary to achieve a meal that is authentically Thai and of restaurant quality.

Chaloem has much experience in teaching Thai cookery having held classes in his Trentham restaurant before moving to Melbourne. He has also conducted sessional training for William Angliss TAFE and has attracted media attention over the years.

Class Schedule

Classes rdays

  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Classes run for approximately 3 hours.

  • Maximum class sizes of 6 guests.


  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to prepare Larb Gai, Yum Neua Yang and other fantastic dishes from North East Thailand.

  • Discover Chef Chaloem's personal recipes and knowledge of ingredients.

What You Get

  • Expert tuition from Master Chef Chaloem.

  • A lovely certificate signed by the Chef

  • Recipes for each of the dishes you prepare during the class

  • Coffee or tea is available at the start of the class

  • Enjoy the meal you will prepare in class with a glass of wine, plus one of the courses you prepared!

Paladarr offers the following seasonal menus

Summer (Dec - Feb)

1.    Make your own original Red Curry Paste
2.    Kaeng Daeng Bet – Duck breast in Red Curry
3.    Pla Goong - Seared Prawns Salad
4.    Moo Grorp – Roasted Pork Belly with Chinese Broccoli
5.    Khao Soi – Thai Laksa Soup with egg noodles
6.    Fresh Mango and Sticky Rice

Autumn (March - May)

1.    Make your own original Penang Curry Paste
2.    Kaeng Penang Gair - Lamb in Penang Curry
3.    Goong Kratiem - Prawns in Pepper and garlic
4.    Kaeng Ba Gai - Hot spicy Jungle Curry with Chicken
5.    Kor Moo Yang – Grilled Pork Neck
6.    Yum Tua - Nut Salad

Winter (June - Aug)

1.    Make your own original Massaman Curry paste
2.    Kaeng Mussaman Gai - Chicken in Mussaman Curry
3.    Moo Gatee - Pork Dip
4.    Yum Neua – Grilled Beef Salad
5.    Sam Kassart  - Three Kings. Lightly battered crunchy prawns,                 calamari portions and Rock Ling fillet, stir fried with seasonal                   vegetables
6.    Mee Grorp – diced prawn and chicken stir fried with crispy                     noodles

Spring (Sept - Dec)

1.    Make your own original Yellow Curry paste
2.    Kaeng Luang Ba - Seafood in Yellow Curry
3.    Som Tum – Papaya Salad
4.    Gai Yang – Barbequed Chicken with dipping Sauce
5.    Pad Neua Krapow - Beef and Basil Stirfry
6.    Por Pia Ruam Puk - Vegetarian Spring rolls


Other Info

Class fee - $147.50 per person


Enjoy a feast of one of the dishes you prepare in Chaloem’s famous classes and a glass of wine to conclude. The experience begins promptly at 10am. with a welcoming coffee. At the end of the lesson students will celebrate the fruits of their labours with a complimentary glass of wine, beer, or soft drink.

You will also receive recipes for each of the dishes you prepare during the class a lovely certificate and a gift voucher for when you next dine with us.



  • Please advise us of any food allergies that you might have at the time of booking – due to the nature of the cuisine, we are not always able to accommodate all dietary requirements, but we'll do our best!

  • Schedules may change and seasonal ingredients are subject to availability - if circumstances change we will let you know ahead of time.

* we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any special alteration to the menu


A family cooking together!

"We had a wonderful family cooking class to celebrate my 70th. Would love to do it again." 

"It was absolutely fantastic. Probably the most delicious stir fry I have ever eaten :) I would highly recommend the course to friends and family." 

"A great day. Thank you for the experience."

"Thanks :)" 

Chris, Kate, Matt, and Tim            November 2017