$50 E-Gift Certificate

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$50 E-GV.png

$50 E-Gift Certificate


Paladarr $50 Electronic-Gift Certificate


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This is a Paladarr Electronic Gift Certificate.

Upon purchase of this Certificate, an email will be sent with a PDF file (of the Certificate) to the nominated recipient's email address. Please allow 24 hours for orders to be processed.

Please make sure to input your recipient's email address in the "Note/Additional Info" section during the purchase process. 

If no additional recipient's email is provided, the E-Gift Certificate will be emailed to the buyer's email address.

Each Gift Certificate is issued with a 6-month Expiry, Unique Barcode and Individual Serial Number. 

5 Easy-Steps to get your E-Gift Certificate:

  1. Purchase the E-Gift Certificate (Make sure to input the recipient's email address in the "Note/Additional Info Section"
  2. Receive the Paladarr Gift Certificate Email
  3. Download the attached PDF. File 
  4. Save and Print
  5. Bring the Hard-copy or an Electronic Copy (on mobile devices) of the Gift Certificate to Paladarr and redeem.