7 Rowe Street (Corner of Yarralea Street) Alphington, Victoria 3078

Restaurant: 1300 PALADARR
1300 725 232
Takeaway Direct: 9497 5987

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This fabulous Jungle Curry is a Thai favourite and Loem and Anan add their own distinctive touch to this lovely spicy dish.
There is no coconut cream used either. Just Yummy!

Chef Chaloem's first Special Weekday class today.
In his kitchen with his first guests, Peter and Kay.

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Heidi HalsonLucky!3 weeks ago

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Looks like responses have fallen through. Can anyone help? ...

Had some responses already (thank you) to a request for new runners for Anou. The runners he's holding, organised by Jason Hickey and donated by the Essendon Footbal Club have well and truly worn out.
Anou still uses the runners by duct taping the soles to the uppers. Any further offers of help for a number of young athletes in Luang Prabang would be gratefully received.
Any "unwanted" iPhone 4's would be appreciated by many students for whom they would be an enormous help. (2 photos)


Chef Chaloem's Special Dish for the beginning of the New (financial) Year.
Snapper Fillets in a SPICY stir fry of green peppercorns and wild ginger. Commenced tonight.

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Evin MarriageThat's a lot of peppercorns. Aye aye aye!4 weeks ago

Marie EconomedesLooks amazing. I absolutely adore peppercorns and ginger. What a brave dish!!!!!!4 weeks ago

Syd PetriniThis one is on the list right?4 weeks ago

Chrissorn Brahmacharyalook hot and spicy .4 weeks ago

PaladarrIs lovely Chris. Only a little bit hot!1   ·  4 weeks ago

Chrissorn BrahmacharyaI like green peppers .4 weeks ago

PaladarrMe too!4 weeks ago

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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 6pm - 11pm

In Winter from 1st June - 31st August, Paladarr will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

We will however, open on Sundays before any public holiday Monday.

If you have a large group of more than 20 guests and you'd still like to dine on a Sunday, enquire at info@paladarr.com.au

$6 Beers & Thai snacks!
Fridays 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Wine Lovers

Paladarr is a fully licensed restaurant.

You are welcome, however to bring one special bottle from your collection by prior arrangement.
Corkage is $12.50 for the bottle.

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Weekday Cooking Classes

10:00am – 1:00pm

Kirsten T of Clifton Hill: “Chaloem was brilliant and patient in helping is to create authentic dishes bursting with flavours!”

Carmen T of Malvern East: “He was easy to follow. The Chef explained the ingredients very well and paid attention to all individual cooking pots and gave advice and tips.”

Sandy H of Glen Waverley:
“- The personal experience of the chef (Chaloem’s) magnificient teaching.
- The small size of the class.
- The hands-on cooking experience after being shown how.
- Doing something so special with my daughter.”


Closer Than You Think

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From the CBD: 15 minutes by Car!

From Alphington Train Station:
1 minute Walk!

Parking: UNLIMITED and FREE!

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Thank you for the complimentary champagne. We will certainly be recommending you.

Friday, July 11 2014  

Everything is perfect!

Friday, July 11 2014  

We love coming here!

Thursday, July 10 2014  

Great, memorable night. Thank you for the lovely elephant.

Saturday, June 28 2014  

Excellent dining experience

Friday, June 27 2014  

Always a wonderful dining experience!

Thursday, June 12 2014

Cooking Classes with Chaloem

10:00am to 01:00pm

Absolutely Hands-On Only! Maximum 6 Participants Per Class.